Lover’s Digest


I can’t remember a time when ‘hanging out’
didn’t mean smeared cherry red chapstick
or neat little bruises crawling across your pale neck
I never minded
that’s what you wanted of me and I liked your impulsiveness
but missing you was not something I anticipated.


we devoured each other
you and I both knew that
I spent every morning
searching for that shade of blue in your eyes that told me
‘don’t be nervous’
like you could see through my thick skin
like I was a tattered & thread bare
and you wanted to tear right through me.


I was touched with such gentle hands.


your voice was the only thing I could stand hearing
before I jumped into ice cold water that night
and to my genuine surprise
you almost seemed annoyed
like what a waste of time it is
to talk to this girl, but I’ve nothing better to do
so why not.


I’ve got a million stories about you
how about the last night
we ran down to the football field
for the first time in years
I remembered falling in love with you just like that
it all started with a sour stick candy
and to this day
I’ve still got the wrapper.


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