She’s A Long Way Gone

She used to drink her Pepsi with milk and treat me like a mother should.

she burnt every meal ever cooked in that little apartment

but she tried very hard and I loved her for that.

I loved her unconditionally, because that’s just what little girls do.

her and I shared the same wide smile that showed off our rosy cheekbones,

but I knew as she looked at me, she also saw a piece of my father.

maybe my straight light brown hair,

or the stubborn look on my face caught her eye.

I could always tell, she wasn’t just smiling at my face, but my fathers as well.

There was pride in that. Daddy’s little girl.

Yet as I grew older, my mother & father fought.

He spit embers with his words & they burn tiny holes into my mother’s clothes.

All she sees is that tiny mouth of mine shaped just like his, ready and armed.

There is a likeness in my temper, in my eyes and there is no stopping what I cannot change.

Yes, I am my father’s child.

He is safe and kind and who I have known all my life.

& he may not belong to you anymore, Mother.

I know that.

But I am still supposed to be yours.

Please come back.


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