Month: March 2014


Spring is just rolling in now
almost all the frost is gone off the ground
and last week, we had weather in the 60’s
I could smell the warm air and I felt the sun
blinking on my skin as I drove through your end of town

it terrified me.

With the warmth and sun comes back
every moment I’ve shared with you
I see sea salt splashing water
clear skies
and i’m more than a little worried about this
than I should be but
Last summer has you marked everywhere
Everyone else seems not to notice

I made it all the way past Savin Rock Creamery today
and gambled with God as I closed my eyes and sped down the West Haven strip
I refuse to let myself pass through moments without you again
and fuck you because I almost made it home
yet here I am
sitting outside Paradise like I knew I would be
dreaming you’d never left in the first place.