Month: December 2014

Merry Christmas

Little pieces of you are planting themselves in other places
Like pollen cultivating new land, planting seeds, falling as they may
I see you in people mostly, your sense of humor; callous and hysterical
Appears in front of me through other people’s mouths
When I never thought there could be
Another human being that could make me laugh as hard

This not make me sad and yearn for you like I most certainly thought it would
because I now know there is the happiness
the happiness I was too unwilling to leave is possible
Outside of what was our dark broken little world.

I met a man recently
And I have found that his beard
His smile and his arms (all my favorite parts of you)
Are quite similar to yours
He is tan and big and handsome, much like you.
Yet I know
You two are nothing a like
Your eyes, your lips, your personality-
Envy green and pink and inexhaustive
Not like his
And for the first time in my life
That thought doesn’t scare me
Or upset me
Being with another human being does not leave me empty
Wishing I had you again
Wishing I could have a carbon copy, just one who treated me right

I have found
I don’t have to give up what I want in a man
To be treated like a woman
And that is maybe the best gift
You have ever given me.