Five Story Fire

The first time we made love
And that’s exactly what it was- making love
I felt like I was flying.

You were and always will be, my real first love

The person who was right for me the minute I laid eyes on him
And probably even before that

I told you that. I told you that.

And today I kissed you after weeks and months and years
It felt like falling off a swing.
I didn’t mean for the chains to come away
but they did.

I felt nothing but the softness of our lips
And my mechanical hands holding our bodies close
Grasping your back to feel closer somehow
Like the distance between our bodies would somehow close
the tangible void
were our tangled hearts used to meet.

You don’t wear the same cologne you used to
Or look like the man I fell in love with.

But I couldn’t forget those blue eyes if i tried
even if i know there is just mechanics at work

I’ll never know if we will ever be just friends
but i’m sure as hell going to try.

I don’t think i could ever lose you
and it’s just as simple as that
I’ll do anything to keep you

Even it that means accepting the love I once had
just isn’t there anymore

I don’t want to be selfish anymore.


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