Month: May 2015

“You First.”

sage and ash encompass the city

my men bleed red and do not cry because they are commanded not to

A collective told to be strong

keep your chin up high

real men do not shed tears

No, real men do not kill boys


a father

free falling tears with his head thrown back into the sky

his heart is gone with the heat of a gun

a pain no man should try to live with

a fucking machine at the hands of a mortal can take your world in seconds

life is not in color anymore

these birds do not sing as sweet

His mother sees shadows and light and death

She sees black and white

you have lowered these people to the sorrow of your standard

how many boys do we need to lose before justice

before complete human outrage

before a human collective of disgust


Internal Issues; Self-Adressed

Give in to nature and what She is telling you

pour gasoline on those faltering embers

you’ve still got fire, sister

I’ve seen it in your sleep

you could burn bridges with those earth brown eyes

fight for what you’ve wanted.