Month: July 2015

Come Away With Me

Creatures of the earth, fairy Godwomen
hear my voice
Mother Nature resides in the roots of these trees

in this garden I have found a soul
her name is Gaia
and her voice is like sweet syrup
she speaks to the soil
and sunflowers bloom
yellow-petaled giants smile at the sun

the greenery grows dark here, green olive rich
scaling high
they thrive, tall and encompassing

come away with me
i can show you beauty sprung from this earth
i can show you magic
i can show you love



In my belief, it is truly a poison
to fathom the future of a love story long finished

But as you know
love is a passion not measured in minutes
it is not a burning candle
as the wick of this desire is inexhaustible.

The pages of our novel are water-stained and browned
the cover hangs off with a cracked spine
and frayed cloth edges harrow it’s binding

I still flip back the pages
it will always be my favorite story
no matter how broken.

A Bold Lie

I hate to break it to you babe
but you don’t scare me anymore
my heart doesn’t race from an aggressive message
I don’t feel nauseous when I know it’s you

I don’t give a fuck anymore.

All I needed was that handshake
to know and finally confirm
your complete lack of giving a shit
like, I’m all good dude
I’m good with you and I’m good with myself
I did what I needed to, and I’m free

I hope you have a good life
just stay out of mine.