Month: August 2015

yeah, we’ll grow this quiet love
i’d like to see what it could be.


A reminder for tonight

Be brave and be powerful
you have opportunities all around you
desperate for your attention
and all you have to tell yourself is
“nothing can stop me from taking these chances”

Be a warrior for the things you want
fight for love in all the ways you want it
fight for freedom so close in your capacity
fight to be the best version of yourself
fight for yourself
because you are so worth it.


We were
classic and beautiful and light
bonded to each other like an atom
bombs igniting at the chance of our separation

Thelma and Louise
sister bandits
goddesses who walked on water
who felt freedom in their security within each other
drinking and watching and devouring life on a Saturday night

How have we become strangers?


Do not dream of the girl with a dark side
her eyes are swooped in sweet style
beehive hair piled high
and she will break your heart with a single line

this salvation runs deep
between pipes and power and beauty
her voice plays games with self-destruction
and all you can do is watch

Bricks For The Unconscious Mind

All day my heart has been breaking under this heavy weight

and i could not understand why

Until after closing my eyes

I have found

all I see is you.

You appear always

in the times I have believed

that I have finally let you escape the back of my mind.

Please find an answer for my hopeless contradictions

I am a walking predisposition
the personification of inclination

As soon as my eagerness is met
I will flee as fast as those leaving a burning building

Fascination is too much of an indulgent word
when you are dealing with other people’s feelings.