Month: September 2015

Thoughts From South-Side

She kissed him
Light the cigarette
She fucking kissed him
take a puff calm down
Calm the fuck down

This feels like a sucker punch in the fucking throat
The farther I am away (from her)
The less I can breathe.


He Will Not Let You Be Tempted Beyond What You Can Bear

I find it funny that
humans only get down on their knees
for one of two reasons
And this poem is not about God.

I plant kisses across your chest
(my lips can feel your heart beat)
and hear your breath catch
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost made me
and watching you squirm
is worth any hell i’ll be sent to

I take you in like communion
and believe me when I say I think I saw The Lord himself
beckoning me to go deeper

Your pale skin is irresistible
is wanting you in my mouth a sin?
forgive me, Father
this is not a temptation I can resist.


Melt into the soil
like chocolate coins you’ve forgotten in your pocket
sweet, rich cocao that sticks sweet to your fingers like Elmer’s glue

I envy the earthworms under my feet
Wash me over with the dark, rich earth
Just for a moment.

Photo Inspiration/ HONY

Love Letters To A Tattoo Artist (Love Me Tender, Love You Sweet)

There is something so vulnerable about tattoos.

You are allowing something to break your own skin
To accept a foreign object into your physical being, forever
It becomes an irrevocable part of you

I look at you like ink
A permanent etching in this life,
And hopefully the next

All I ask of you is to stay with me
We can figure out the rest together.