Month: December 2015

I promised him the sunrise.

Dance with me as it comes
until that dying star makes his way up again
our toes dusted wet with sand
slow walking through moonlight-guided paths

Tell me your worst secrets
believe me it will only make you more human
give me your best
you are filled with blue & light
and I will run with you until the end

Until the sky turns orange
bright and blue
until the sky turns black again.



Tell me
when was it you abandoned a fondness of your own laugh?
that ferociousness reverberating inside your own chest
quiet rumbling like earthquake tremors

You neglect that the scars on your skin
numb to the touch and lovely
are telling of a story, a life

Did you ever possess it?
A fondness I mean, of your own self.



You sleep less and less
Brown eyes inky with ambition
Chasing your dreams down with a fire

A job of success
a life of wealth.

You wish to be great
and revered for as such.

You forgot to tell yourself
that you are already full of worth.

I want you to know your heart is made of virtue
more determination than I ever thought humanly possible.

Do not allow yourself to disservice your greatness
Your worth is not measured in success.

It is not the amount of money in your pocket
it is in the imperfect perfection of who you are.


9 Fantasies

1.) You’re coaching baseball┬áto our starry-eyed son. He is bright and full of determination, just like you. I watch from the bleachers, beaming.

2.) You kiss me goodbye before you leave for work. You smile, open-mouthed and genuine. I hand you the lunch I packed for you that morning. (Thanksgiving leftovers?)

3.) I wake up early, & sneak out of the apartment to walk Max around the block. I make you breakfast when I get back. You sleep in late. You are well-rested and happy when you wake to the smell of pancakes from the kitchen.

4.) I hear your name called as you walk up to receive your diploma. You look handsome, and genuinely happy. My heart is gorged with pride. I’m cheering radically (can you do that in such formal setting?), and probably crying.

5.) It’s Monday morning. We are in our bed. I wake you up with kisses. We both call out of work and leave our responsibilities for tomorrow. I give you glorious head. We have slow, sweet sex. We go back to sleep.

6.) We’ve been up all night, laid up in your bed, talking and watching a movie you’ve been wanting me to see. The sun is about to come up. We go outside to watch.

7.) You take me on the Brooklyn Bridge Ferry ride, early. The sky is beautiful, and it’s not too cold. I point out all the landmarks I know. You know most of them already, but let me explain as if you didn’t. We stay on the top deck (almost) the entire time.

8.) I run a bath for you. I put a bath bomb in the water. The water changes to a beautiful, bright color. You let me scrub your back and wash your hair. I kiss your wet, clean skin. We lie in the warm water, content.

9.) We’re dancing in our living room, barefoot in pyjamas. You hold me close and I close my eyes to feel the music. You’re hands on my skin are warm. You guide my steps confidently.


He smiles at me like he knows that I’ve been wondering
If his heart is as deep as his eyes blue
If his hurt runs as far and wide as mine
I speak of song and he licks profanities from the corners of his mouth

This game of calculated interaction holds heat of unspoken nature
We play in, dancing with quiet electricity
In hopes of untouched perpetuity

Forgive me for the absence of an apology
I lack the personal depth to be regretful
When my desire is this impetuous.