When I think of love
It is overwhelming in such a way
That I have to hold myself from shaking

he lights up the entire room, ultra violet
with dragon green eyes that burn into mine like acid
and a smile that kinks and curls in all the perfect places

we are the most dangerous combination I have ever touched.

I know those freckles on his cheekbones are venomous
and if I dare brush my fingers across his sun-kissed skin
I’ll feel the poison crawl under my own

I know his hands on mine will be the death of me
And maybe I want to die.



Obligation Is…

having romantic feelings towards the face of a bullet train
and knowing the look on my father’s face when the police officers arrived
is a live hell not even death could take away.


They hung a purple and black ribbon in your honor
The police station looks darker
A stark silhouette in comparison

I thought maybe LifeĀ held a holdĀ on you
was it a relentless experience?
maybe it was
more than anyone could have expected

you’ll be gone on the twenty sixth
And they’ll be here thinking you never could
never leave this soon
So hear this as a outcry from your family down here
You are missed as a son, a cousin, a nephew, a husband
And so much more
We hope your soul is free now, Michael.