She’s trying to cut you down, Angel

Your hair is rope thick and earth-colored
Your body is soft and shaped by the Gods
Your hands were made for healing
Don’t forget this.




The blue in your eyes, your heartbeat is thick & strong
Blessed be you, like a hymn or a gift or a song
Your hands run veined, leaves spread wide and delicate with green
Your skin runs patterns, black ink and scars cut clean

Your voice is clarity, created with the gift of speech
Deep, yet quiet, shallows of the ocean beneath

Blessed are the living who survive in numbered days
You are among the chosen, spend your life in beautiful ways.

Give & Take

I have a memory
of your knobby little knees
Plastered to the back of my brain like a scar

The blueberries you ate
Left morsels on your lips
In a messy hunger, black tar

In collection I have books
binded by your making
in my heart, your hooks
mere pleasure for the taking


Somewhere on the spectrum between
soft-spoken & bean-pole bodied
my sweet sibling, you graze the surface of solid ground

I am lucky to catch you in fractions of time
as your eyes speak to me often, only to tell me you have gone elsewhere
floating in outer space maybe, with meteors and comets and space dust
or shipyards and computer parts and words in french I could never begin to understand

You come back every now & then
to say “Hi!” and tell me you love me with small tokens
like smiling at a joke you didn’t quite hear
or telling me about your favorite book

Before traveling off again
you speak to me quietly
eyes amused, sleepy, spacey
Happy, I hope.


Tell me
when was it you abandoned a fondness of your own laugh?
that ferociousness reverberating inside your own chest
quiet rumbling like earthquake tremors

You neglect that the scars on your skin
numb to the touch and lovely
are telling of a story, a life

Did you ever possess it?
A fondness I mean, of your own self.



You sleep less and less
Brown eyes inky with ambition
Chasing your dreams down with a fire

A job of success
a life of wealth.

You wish to be great
and revered for as such.

You forgot to tell yourself
that you are already full of worth.

I want you to know your heart is made of virtue
more determination than I ever thought humanly possible.

Do not allow yourself to disservice your greatness
Your worth is not measured in success.

It is not the amount of money in your pocket
it is in the imperfect perfection of who you are.