I studied your face one more time

To make sure I didn’t miss anything

The cusp of your cupids bow

The Bermuda triangle of freckles planted on the side of your mouth

I kiss you goodbye like it’s the last time

I tell myself it is 

I want it to be true


I’ll take queues from you
Until I get stuck in the feeling
That is your eyes
Golden and sunken and rimmed with grey

Do you feel the vibrations between us?
It is palpable
My mouth tastes of iron and sweat and your skin

Kiss me like you want to be loved
Fill your lungs with Newports
I’ll drown my blood in hops
I will spend my whole life here

“Do you think maybe I am…a monster?”

Lovely, I think you are what guardian angels are made of
your soul carries secrets that could sink Navy tankers
and still you find a way to rise each and everyday

there have been horrors, haven’t there?
enough for the lifetime of seven men
and your body itself, has been put through years of punishment
by an agent ruthless enough to let you love her as she kills you

yet here you have endured the unthinkable
and came out the other side, victorious

there are dark moments, I know
for you are human and you have suffered
forgive yourself for what has taken place within you
it was not your fault

this body that houses you, it has never failed you
and it is brilliant.