It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
When I pass New Rochelle
I almost felt as if the train slows down
Just to let me know

“I’m leaving you again.”
You’re leaving me again.



My hands cannot be compelled from your thighs
White and freckled and thick
I want to slide my fingers between the two
And collect all that waits for my touch.


It’s somebody else
With red hair maybe, long flowing
With pale blue eyes and milky skin
She stops me in my tracks
She stops me like love
But I do not come to her for love

It’s someone else
You work with him
Dark in demeanor, cool to the touch
He smells of charcoal & sex
And purrs as he writhes in the pleasure

This isn’t to be facetious
I simply cannot help myself

I have resisted my temptations
And given into every impulse
I have employed both sided of the coin
Yet the final outcome is always the same

I am addicted to the taste of debauchery
There is mischief and hell following behind me like a clean up crew

It’s someone else
As it always is
And I fall into step with the devil herself

She always comes back to me
To whisper in my ear & mention all the fruit I have missed for my mouth
I will not stop until my tongue is dripping with the wet juice of peaches & limes.

All Skin On Skin On Skin..

There are words I spell with my lips on your skin
Written and unwritten
created and cremated all in the same movement
There is beauty in words never exposed to light
Like a secret taken to the grave
Sacred and bound.

I kiss the nape of your neck
Lines of symmetry pour from my mouth down your back like syrup
They send shivers across your skin.

Listen to my body
There is unfathomable power in words unspoken
Read my lips with your hands
Trace the vowels on your fingertips
You are home.
You are safe here.

I spoke these words over and over
in silent physicality
in hopes you would know
just how much
In hopes that you would understand
there are words I cannot speak to you
in this language that mean how much I need you here.

He Will Not Let You Be Tempted Beyond What You Can Bear

I find it funny that
humans only get down on their knees
for one of two reasons
And this poem is not about God.

I plant kisses across your chest
(my lips can feel your heart beat)
and hear your breath catch
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost made me
and watching you squirm
is worth any hell i’ll be sent to

I take you in like communion
and believe me when I say I think I saw The Lord himself
beckoning me to go deeper

Your pale skin is irresistible
is wanting you in my mouth a sin?
forgive me, Father
this is not a temptation I can resist.

Pulverization as an art form.

Why do I feel like destroying people
Like taking off the clothing
Of all the people who have ever loved me
Will make me stronger
Will make me more whole
By living the infatuation
I can carry it too
And love myself
Somehow a little more
That I do right now

It is nothing
But I somehow find myself
Loving the way her hair falls around her cheeks
And the skinny little knobs for knees
That are stuck on her pretty little legs
I miss her breasts
And how I  used to tease her
They were the best pillows known to man-kind
And I miss reading the saddest poems
And not feeling so sad with her
I want to ruin her
And graceless is as graceless does
I want to claw into your chest
And sleep in your bed
And take everything I can find
And burn the rest.
My own signature trail of
My own legacy
Broken hearts
And trying to feel
A little less empty.