My love is weak.

A shallow ditch
surrounded by rivers full
water peaked & overflowing
salt and pristine
ebbing, flowing.

I am a vast deafness

A ravine of earth
fruitless and emptied
of beauty, faith and life.

How obvious of a difference is there in my soul
from the rest?



They hung a purple and black ribbon in your honor
The police station looks darker
A stark silhouette in comparison

I thought maybe Life held a hold on you
was it a relentless experience?
maybe it was
more than anyone could have expected

you’ll be gone on the twenty sixth
And they’ll be here thinking you never could
never leave this soon
So hear this as a outcry from your family down here
You are missed as a son, a cousin, a nephew, a husband
And so much more
We hope your soul is free now, Michael.