I know the sound of your heart
It rings like cherry pits clinking at the bottom of a glass bowl
It sounds of burning rubber skidding on double yellow lines
I know it bleeds sweet & burns.



He laughs like he’s letting go of this weight on his lungs
like he doesn’t smoke Newports at a pack a day.

There are things he has seen as a child
moments you can see his eyes far off, imagining
lost in his daydream
and promising he will not let his future reflect his past.

This man stands in front of me
with Hershey brown eyes
they are grounded and wise and alive
they speak to me with a clear conscience.
Passion. Family. Perfection. Honor. Pride.

I have seen men move mountains and refuse to look inside themselves
you are a warrior
a person of such virtue
that he has constructed himself all over again
there is no honor in cowardice
but there is reverence in becoming something noble in the absence of light.

A reminder for tonight

Be brave and be powerful
you have opportunities all around you
desperate for your attention
and all you have to tell yourself is
“nothing can stop me from taking these chances”

Be a warrior for the things you want
fight for love in all the ways you want it
fight for freedom so close in your capacity
fight to be the best version of yourself
fight for yourself
because you are so worth it.