written word


There is nothing like the threat of distance
To make me sink my teeth in deeper.

The degrees of separation are spread six wide
I think we’ve created them all over the past two years.

12,000 miles is a long way down
And i’m not ready to fall.


Visual Blight

I wonder how long I will have to look myself in this mirror

Red lips and brown eyes
(Black holes where a soul should be )
Until I can convince myself
This isn’t where I belong

I can’t remember the last time I knew
The girl with the red lips and the brown eyes
That is staring back at me

She doesn’t speak to me anymore
The one with the soul
The one with stars in her eyes

That notion of a person has walked on
Kissed the back of my neck
And left to touch heavens door

The air is thick
I cough blood to the thought
Of breaking my own arm to live free.


we are lilacs and daisies
twin flowers

there is just something magic about you
and the way your laugh falls into the air
feather light

you move delicately
even when you feel like you’re crashing down
petals upon petals
Raindrops on hot summer pavement

i have missed you so much i forgot how it felt
to lie on the floor of your bedroom
or lean into you on the couch
giggling about boys
& trading paperbacks

thank you for waiting for me to come back.


Do I exist in a way of light?

Do I mean something for this universe?

This is a restricted garden

and I am forced to bleed

picking roses from the stem,

I fear missing any of its sweet beauty, as it is all I have

I wish to travel further than steel doors that keep me

I have clipped every flower

counted the roses 1000 times

what is left?

what joy was I going to find here?

I’ll take queues from you
Until I get stuck in the feeling
That is your eyes
Golden and sunken and rimmed with grey

Do you feel the vibrations between us?
It is palpable
My mouth tastes of iron and sweat and your skin

Kiss me like you want to be loved
Fill your lungs with Newports
I’ll drown my blood in hops
I will spend my whole life here

She’s trying to cut you down, Angel

Your hair is rope thick and earth-colored
Your body is soft and shaped by the Gods
Your hands were made for healing
Don’t forget this.